I am a young music producer out of Kentucky and i have a strong connection with music. When i was younger I was not really athletic so immediately I did not fit in with the popular crowd. But i found that music made me happy.

My Dad is a music producer as well but he does completely different genres. I was inspired by him to make music for people but i wanted to do my own genre. Hip Hop was becoming extremely popular and i loved it. I decided to teach myself the ways of beat making. I started out with a laptop, a crapy pair of headphones and GarageBand. But thats all i needed. I made music for hours on end and i never got tired of it. But i knew i could do better. I invested in a lot of equipment and spent hours watching people online do what i wanted to do. I learned that no matter how much i thought i needed to improve, i was still doing what i loved.  

Now i am making money and its a dream come true. Putting everything i have into what i love. Making it so much more worth it. 


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